AAM23: Becoming an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Christ Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




The ultimate Ascension Activation Meditation of the entire set thus far, this specific meditation integrates the love, the wisdom and the power of the Spiritual Hierarchy in an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism sense to bring out the Christ in you, the Buddha, the Krishna, the Mighty I AM Presence, the Al-Hafiz and the God.

In this profound Soul journey experience, you will take the necessary steps to help awaken and realize the Christ within you by anchoring within your being, Chakras and auric field, among others, the Mantle of the Christ, the Golden White Robe of the Christ, the Universal Archetypal Blueprint of the Christ and the Universal Grid of the Christ, to name but a few of the activations which form part of this ascension activation.

Never before has there been such a powerful and integrated infusion and anchoring of the Christ in so many ways, on so many levels and in such a complete Full Spectrum Prism Integration as this!

Total Playing Time: 59:08 min


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