AAM17: Cathedral of God Ascension Activation Meditation (ORIGINAL)

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This is a magnificent, advanced Soul travel journey to the Cathedral of God.

In this channelled guided meditation you will take a journey to the Throne of Grace itself and merge with the Elohim Councils as you take on the Mantle of the Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek Archetypal Imprint.

You will experience the anchoring and activation of the Full Garment of the Father, the Full Garment of Perfection, God’s Fire Letters, Key Codes and Sacred Geometries. You will further receive an illumination of all 72 areas of the mind, a profound integration of and merger with the Heart and Mind of Spirit, the anchoring and activation of your higher senses, and much, much more.

This is truly an amazing Ascension Activation Meditation not to be missed which encompasses a magnificent array of cosmic and sublime activations.

Original version as read by Dr Joshua David Stone live at Wesak in Mount Shasta, Califorina.

Total Playing Time: 69:37 min


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