AAM2: Full Spectrum Clearing and Ascension Activation Meditation: 2 Meditations Set Special (REVISED)

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The I AM University’s Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Clearing and Cleansing Meditation is an expanded version of the original 18 Point Cosmic Clearing Meditation. It provides an integrated, in-depth cleansing and clearing to purify your energy fields on a Soul, Oversoul and Monadic level on a regular basis.

This is the most complete cleansing and clearing meditation of its kind available on Earth at this time.

As part of this thorough cleansing and clearing, the Ascended Masters will assist you in releasing core fears, implants, negative elementals, etheric mucus, negative energies caused by psychic attack, emotional and mental imbalances, lower aspects of the Rays, Archetypes, Sephiroth and Astrological Signs, as well as all kinds of glamour, maya and illusion on an etheric, emotional and mental level.

You will experience a deep cleansing of all of your Soul extensions, Oversoul and Monad. Any earth crystals will be removed by Archangel Sandalphon and the Earth Mother, and past and present life emotional, etheric and mental wounds will be healed to your highest ability.

Your multi-body system will be purified and cleansed all the way back to Source.

This intensive clearing also includes an energetic cleansing of physical toxins on a subclinical level. Experience a sparkling aura and energy field, cleansed of all that no longer serves your highest good. A wonderfully powerful meditation which can be used every day!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the comprehensiveness and length of this meditation, we have split it up into two parts, each part playing about 40 minutes. So with this special, you are actually receiving two meditations.

Total Playing Time Part 1: 41:39 min

Total Playing Time Part 2: 41:04 min

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  1. Kerri (verified owner)

    I could ramble on for hours about how wonderful these two meditations are and give you gushing descriptions sharing the effects I have personally experienced mentally, emotionally and physically lol! Instead, keeping it brief, I think this product is simply the one and only best clearing meditation available today. It does what it says it will do and much more besides. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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