AAM4: Ultimate Cosmic Ray Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)


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The Cosmic and Planetary Rays make up the Personality of our Creator.

In this unique meditation you will not only anchor and activate the Seven Planetary Rays, which are:

First Ray: Power and Will
Second Ray: Love and Wisdom
Third Ray: Active Intelligence
Fourth Ray: Harmony and Beauty
Fifth Ray: Concrete Knowledge and Science
Sixth Ray: Idealism and Devotion
Seventh Ray: Transformation, Freedom and Ceremonial Order

You will also have the opportunity to meditate with the Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Rays of Spirit and experience the exquisiteness, sublimity and profundity of these Higher Divine Emanations.

As you bathe in and absorb the deepest of frequencies of the Planetary and the Cosmic Rays you will feel and sense a profound change happening within yourself because you will be reconnecting with your Divine Self.

Don’t miss this most wondrous experience!

Total Playing Time: 29:34 min


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