Every Day Autosuggestion: More and More Confident




Émile Coué, a French psychologist of the 20th century, developed a self-help-system based on autosuggestion.

He is probably most famous for his mantra-like autosuggestion, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

He recognized something that is common knowledge today: that our unconscious self-talk and thinking influence our feelings, behavior, health, relationships and every aspect of life. The patients he gave this mantra to work with had stunning results in all areas of their lives; and this is probably one of the reasons why this affirmation has stood the test of time.

Based on this idea, we have developed a creative series of “Every Day Autosuggestions” to help you become – every day, in every way – better, stronger, healthier, steadier, wiser, happier, younger, more confident, more disciplined, more fulfilled, more abundant, more enlightened, more energetic, more even-minded, more everything!

To allow for the greatest possible reprogramming of your consciousness, we have decided to very gently whisper these autosuggestions, to enrich them with subtle echoes, to cocoon them in angelic sounds, and to record them both in the I and You format. This way they can very subtly do their handiwork in your consciousness.

These autosuggestions are perfect to start your day with, when waking up in the morning; and they are perfect to end your day with when falling asleep at night. These are the ideal times to work with autosuggestions because when waking up in the morning and when falling asleep in the evening, the conscious mind is not yet that active which allows the subconscious mind to soak in these words of power.

We recommend that you work with each autosuggestion every day for 21 days without interruption.

Enjoy this deep, relaxing and powerful five-minute experience.

The title of this autosuggestion is: Every day, in every way, I am getting more and more confident.

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