MC1: The Initiate’s Trusted Guide to Pass the Seven Levels of Initiation



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Ascension for Beginners Series – Mini Course 1: The Initiate’s Trusted Guide to Pass the Seven Levels of Initiation: 21 Practical Action Steps and Tips to Become the Next Integrated Ascended Master on Earth

It is the destiny of every human being to become an Integrated Enlightened Master. However, it is not possible to become one without taking initiations, because the whole process of ascension is intimately connected with the process of initiation. 

Initiation and ascension are really two sides of the same coin. We go through initiations in a systematic order by sequentially and simultaneously mastering the physical, emotional and lower mental bodies – as well as becoming infused with our Higher Self and Monad to greater and greater degrees. In this way we are continually expanding our consciousness.

An initiation literally is an expansion of consciousness.

The more we expand our consciousness, the higher initiations we take, and the higher we ascend.

In this mini course you will learn:

  • why Ascended Masters are called “Ascended Masters,”
  • what the so-called pre-initiation phase is,
  • what the goal and objective of each of the seven levels of initiation is and what action steps precisely you have to take to pass each of them,
  • how to master your physical, emotional and mental bodies,
  • how to transform attachments into preferences,
  • one thing you can do to replace lower-self desire with Higher-Self desire,
  • one thing you can do to merge with your Monad or Divine Self,
  • why the seventh level of initiation is the goal of every initiate,
  • and much, much more….

Integrated ascension is the ticket to freedom from the wheel of rebirth in this world. Study this mini course and implement the enclosed action steps, and you will be well on the road to becoming the next Integrated Ascended Master in this world!


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