MC17: The 33 Tried and Tested Action Steps to Master Any Addiction and Bad Habit in the World



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Ascension for Beginners Series – Mini Course 17: The 33 Tried and Tested Action Steps to Master Any Addiction and Bad Habit in the World

We live in a world where people are not Integrated Enlightened Masters, but rather disasters. Instead of attaching themselves to Source, because of being cut off from Spirit, they attach themselves to things outside of self that are supposed to give them the happiness and inner peace they so deeply desire. It is this misplaced orientation and attunement which causes people to develop bad habits and addictions. This is why people are run by their lower self, inner child, subconscious mind, why they are victimized by their feelings and emotions, by other people, and the whole content of their unmastered consciousness.

So it is not surprising that so many people in this world are battling addiction in one form or another – be it physically, emotionally or mentally.

In this mini course you will learn:

  • what an addiction actually is,
  • what the original cause of every single bad habit and addiction in the world is,
  • why so many people in our society are victims of addiction,
  • what a vow is and why having one will make you think twice before quitting,
  • what “attitudinal healing” is and how it works,
  • why the things that get logged are the things that get done,
  • how to prepare for side effects or temptations,
  • how you can enlist the help of Spirit, the Ascended Masters and Angels to master your bad habits and addictions,
  • how to inspire yourself to stick to your program and not give in to temptation,
  • a simple thing you can do to help you disidentify with your addiction or bad habit,
  • how to take advantage of the incredible powers of the Holy Spirit,
  • the reason why so many people have a hard time breaking bad habits and addictions,
  • what the fastest way is to get over attachments of a physical, emotional and mental nature,
  • and the one thing no bad habit or addiction in the world can withstand!

And in truth, much, much more.

The good news is that, as the saying goes, every master was once a disaster. This mini course will show you in 33 simple and practical steps what it is you need to do to free yourself from any bad habit or addiction in the world. Bottom line is: addictions and bad habits are unbecoming of the great Soul that you are. So take charge of your life again. Includes dozens of action steps to help you get started today.


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