How to Become an Effective and Clear Channel for Spirit and the Ascended Masters




  • Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a great channel for Spirit and the Ascended Masters?
  • Have you ever wondered why two people can channel the exact same Master on the exact same subject, yet they bring through entirely conflicting information?
  • And have you ever wanted to know how you yourself can acquire the channeling skill without falling into the many traps of glamour and illusion that so many Lightworkers haven fallen into without realizing it?

Channeling can be one of the most corrupt Spiritual practices in the world if one does not understand how much the development of consciousness plays in the clarity of the message coming through. A great many so-called Ascended Master channelings out there are plain fantasy and illusionary, and once you read this training manual you will understand why!

To be more precise, among other things, in this 130-page training manual you will learn:

  • what channeling is and what it is not,
  • a meditative exercise to prepare yourself for the channeling process,
  • what the two major types of channeling are,
  • how the development of consciousness impacts the channeling process,
  • how the development of the Chakras influences the clarity of the channeling process,
  • how the development of consciousness in the Seven Rays influences the purity and accuracy of the channeling process,
  • how the quality of a channeling is dependent on the level of Spirit and Lightbody a person channels from,
  • why it is so important to be Spiritually discerning in regards to external channeling,
  • why channels for Spirit and/or the Masters are in most cases not Self-realized beings,
  • what the dangers of non-integrated channeling, clairaudience and clairvoyance are,
  • why the newest path of ascension is negative ETs and astral entities parading as Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings and what this has to do with the channeling process,
  • why in truth there is no such thing as clairaudience and clairvoyance, but only consciousness which totally controls what a person inwardly hears and sees,
  • why and how God speaks to us all the time in multitudinous ways,
  • how to develop the sevenfold third eye,
  • how to develop the sevenfold third ear,
  • who the teachers and channels of God really are,
  • why in order to be a true channel for God you first need to embody God in your daily life,
  • what the difference is between channeling a Master and being one yourself,
  • why the next step in evolution is learning to be the light, not just channel the light,
  • and much, much more…

If you are a facilitator, channel or coach and work with clients in more intuitive ways, then this training manual is a must-read for you.

If you want to develop the skill to discern which so-called channelings out there are on the side of truth and which ones are plain fantasy, then this training manual will show you the way.

And if you want to find out why the Ascended Masters on the inner plane have no interest whatsoever to work with disintegrated channels but why they ever seek to work with people who are Masters in their own right, then you will also find the answer to that burning question in this training course.

This training manual was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who is an authority on the subject. He spent his lifetime studying consciousness and analyzing the reasons why the New Age Movement has become such a “vast wasteland of fallen channels, Spiritual teachers and healers” as in many ways it is today.


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