How to Master, Open and Balance your Seven Seals and Safely Raise your Kundalini




Would you like to know how to safely raise your Kundalini?

Would you like to know how to open, master and balance your Chakras?

And would you like to know what the Seven Rays have to do with all that?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding YES, then you should also say YES to this training and ascension manual.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 400-page training manual you will learn:

  • insights about the Twenty-Two Chakras,
  • how the negative ego affects the Seven Chakras,
  • how to master, open, balance and integrate your Chakras using your mind, feelings, energy, behavior, actions, Spiritual mission, Spiritual practices, Spiritual journal, dreams, service work, light and sound,
  • what the seven methods are of mastering, balancing and opening your Chakras,
  • why it is so important to cleanse, purify and refine your energy fields and Chakras if you want to take your 22 levels of initiation,
  • how Chakras, initiations and Higher Lightbodies are related,
  • why it is important to make decisions from an integrated perspective that honors the Seven Rays and Seven Chakras,
  • how people get stuck in certain Chakras, Rays and Schools, Colleges and Challenges of Life,
  • what the Personality of God has to do with the Seven Rays,
  • insights about esoteric psychology and the science of the Twelve Rays,
  • what the seven great psychological keys and Spiritual tests are that each Spiritual seeker must pass to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
  • how we glorify and corrupt the Seven Great Rays of God,
  • how to clear the negative ego through the Science of the Rays,
  • why and how to balance the Threefold Flame,
  • how to master and integrate the Seven Rays,
  • how to integrate Higher Rays,
  • how to fully raise your Kundalini in a safe way,
  • includes Ascension Activation Meditations as well as a potpourri of Ray and Chakra Charts,
  • and much, much more…

Why you should say YES to this training manual:

  1. It will help you open up and grow Spiritually. It will give you Spiritual growth that will be yours for the rest of this lifetime and on into eternity.
  2. It includes very practical guidance as to what you should do and how the various Spiritual practices will help you see immediate results.
  3. Ultimately, it will help you grow closer to Spirit.

This ascension manual was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who naturally and effortlessly raised his own Kundalini through the systematic and balanced development of consciousness as he describes it in this wonderful course.

In this course, Dr Stone demystifies the whole science of raising the Kundalini and explains in no uncertain terms what really counts in life and what really gives us Spiritual growth.

This training manual will be professionally reformatted in the coming years. The content will not change, only the page layout and design. If you purchase a copy today, you can request for a free electronic upgrade once the revision is available. To take advantage of this service, please be sure to save your invoice. Thank you.


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