Journal System and Training Manual to Become an Integrated Ascended Master




Would you like to know which Spiritual practice will probably bring forth more Integrated Enlightened Masters than any other Spiritual practice in the world?

Which Spiritual practice will allow you to be more wise, more powerful, more loving, and more integrated every single day when you close your eyes to go to bed?

The answer is journaling.

Journaling, if done right, is not just a process of scribbling down on a piece of paper the happenings and events of the day; it is the process of systematically investigating into your consciousness and making the necessary attitudinal corrections.

If you want to know how Dr Joshua David Stone used journaling as a tool to speed through the awakening process, then you will love this training manual.

To be more precise, in this 1,000-page training manual you will learn:

  1. what 70 psychological and consciousness development sections to create in your journal system so as to ensure consistent Spiritual growth,
  2. what 30 Spiritual/ ascension sections to create in your journal system to systematically transform your consciousness into that of an Integrated Enlightened Master, and
  3. what 24 physical body/ Earth life-related sections to create in your journal to ground your Spirituality.

Also included is a vast selection of related articles to help you learn:

  • why to put on your “armor of God” every morning,
  • how to master bad habits and addictions,
  • how to release anger, fear and worry,
  • what you should know about dreams and sleep,
  • how to reprogram your subconscious mind,
  • how to prepare for all contingencies in life,
  • why it is so important to make Spiritual lists,
  • how to discover and overcome your Soul challenges,
  • how to develop a flawless character, integrity and clarity,
  • how to develop personal power,
  • why you are in truth invulnerable on every level,
  • how to attain Christ Consciousness,
  • how to glorify God instead of self in daily living,
  • how to integrate the three minds and four bodies,
  • how to develop an extremely high-functioning physical, psychological and Spiritual immune system,
  • what the eleven different types of meditation are to help you achieve Self Realization in this lifetime,
  • how to work with Planetary and Cosmic Ascension Seats,
  • how to work with Huna prayers – including samples,
  • what the 233 Spiritual practices are to realize God,
  • how and why to clear negative implants and elementals,
  • and much, much more…

Dr Joshua David Stone wrote in his journal every single day of his adult life. It was this very practice that allowed him to grow more masterful, more wise, more peaceful and more integrated every single day.

Can you image how your life will change if you didn’t just go through life but grow through life? If you used every little thing that happened in your life as gist for the mill, as an opportunity for Spiritual growth, and a blessing in disguise?

If you can see the incredible value of implementing such a philosophy, then journaling is THE tool for you to ensure daily Spiritual growth.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Dr Joshua David Stone and start journaling your way to Integrated Ascension today.
  • Learn from a master how to effectively journal to ensure daily growth.
  • Journaling will not only give you Spiritual growth, it will also give you self-discipline, inner peace, happiness, joy, self-mastery, and much, much more…

This Journal Manual is very practical and comprehensive in nature.

It was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who used this very practice to catapult his own Spiritual growth.

Now it is up to you to catapult yourself into the rarefied air of Integrated Enlightened Masters by signing up for this course if you feel called to do so. Once you get the hang of journaling, it will be a practice whose benefits you will enjoy for the rest of your life – in every area of your life. 

This journal and training manual will be professionally reformatted in the coming years. The content will not change, only the page layout and design. If you purchase a copy today, you can request for a free electronic upgrade once the revision is available. To take advantage of this service, please be sure to save your invoice. Thank you.


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