MC2: 80 Powerful, Effective and Fun Approaches to Meditation – Part 1



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Ascension for Beginners Series – Mini Course 2: 80 Powerful, Effective and Fun Approaches to Meditation for both the Beginner and Advanced Initiate on the Spiritual Path – Part 1

It has been said that prayer is talking to God whereas meditation is listening to and experiencing God.

In this mini course you will find 40 wonderful ways to listen to, commune and connect with Spirit. This mini course is a potpourri of powerful, effective and fun approaches to meditation.

The idea is to try each meditation technique for at least 21 days so as to give you enough space and time to experience the benefits of each of them. So as with everything in life, persistency is an absolute key.

Now, what is equally important in order to see results and experience profound changes in your consciousness and well-being is to do each meditation not only with discipline and focus, but also with sincerity and God purity. So don’t approach these meditation techniques by halves. If you do them half-heartedly, then you will get half results, and you will be missing the whole point of meditation. Because the whole point of meditation is to strengthen your bond with Spirit.

In this day and age where our consciousness is constantly being pulled outward to the external world, it is crucial to turn within on a daily basis to recharge our Spiritual batteries and maintain our attunement to the Divine. So do each meditation technique with a true desire and longing to draw closer to God, and this is exactly what you will get.

In conclusion, as you will see, meditation can be much more fun and easier than you may have thought.

Includes meditation logging and insights charts to help you protocol your experiences and Spiritual growth. This mini course covers meditation techniques 1 through 40.


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